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About Lake Circle

A brief summary of who we are and what we're up to..


In 1990 and 91, Nick Papaton's Full Moon group held small Pagan campouts in Harriman State Park, but circumstances forced him to relocate and cancel the third event at the last minute. A few attendees decided that the weekends were too good to let go, and with a few tarps, twenty pounds of falafel mix, and little idea what we were getting ourselves into we held the event anyway.

Though we're solitaries from diverse traditions, a core group coalesced and we became Lake Circle Coven. We've been doing three campouts each year ever since, and promise that there will never again be falafel-for-every-meal.

The Campouts

Our campouts are usually held Friday through Sunday at a private campsite near Bear Mountain, about one hour north of NYC. Facilities are fairly rustic, i.e., tent camping, outhouses, and cold showers. Food and everything are included in the registration price.

Rather than creating a strictly structured series of required activities, Lake Circle seeks to provide an environment where Pagans, esp. solitaries and newbies, can relax, learn, and share. The only mandatory activity is one chore, but there are rituals, workshops, hikes, games, and more. The high point of the weekend is the Saturday night ritual, which is designed cooperatively on Saturday afternoon by Lake Circle members and attendees.